Exhibition Games Against a Four Year Institution

An NJCAA member college would like to schedule a basketball contest against a four year institution.  Based on the four year institution’s rules, the contest must be listed as an “exhibition” on their schedule.  Is it permissible for the NJCAA member college to play this contest and may the NJCAA member college list this contest on their schedule as an official game? In accordance with Article V, Section 14, A.5 of NJCAA bylaws, both colleges must classify the competition in the same manner.  The fact the four year institution is not classifying the contest as an official game, the NJCAA member college cannot classify it as an official game either.  It would be permissible for the NJCAA member college to classify the contest as one of their allowable scrimmages.

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Volleyball Signing Date

Letter of Intent Signing Date – Volleyball

The volleyball signing date for 15-16 LOI’s is November 1st.  The Letter of Intent (LOI) program is now open and you may begin creating volleyball LOI’s for 15-16; however, the LOI cannot be signed by the student-athlete until November 1st.  The Letter of Intent program is defaulted to the 14-15 academic year so be sure to select the 15-16 academic year when creating the volleyball LOI’s.

NJCAA policy in regards to “Forfeits” and “No Contests”

Please be aware that the NJCAA adheres to the following policy in regards to ‘forfeits’ and ‘no contests’.

A forfeit can only be declared when all participating teams are present and the referee or other appropriate contest official has assumed jurisdiction in accordance with the applicable playing rules. A contest that has been completed can be declared a forfeit at a later date by appropriate governing bylaws and policies (national, region, conference). However, when a team does not appear (e.g., due to weather conditions, accidents, breakdown of vehicles, illness, or catastrophic causes) or cannot fulfill its schedule, a forfeit is not recorded (unless the rules of the sport provide for otherwise).

An institution shall not, for statistical purposes, declare a forfeit for nonfulfillment of a contest. Such instances shall be considered as “no contest” and should be marked as such in the Presto Sports NJCAA Stat System. In circumstances involving institutions from the same conference, the league office has the option to declare a forfeit win and loss for conference-standings purposes only but this does not change an institution’s overall won-lost record. In regards to what score and stats are entered in the Presto Sports NJCAA Stat System in the case of a forfeit, please refer to the guidelines on Page 6 of the NCAA Statistics’ Policies and Guide (also linked below). This page outlines for each sport what scores to enter for forfeits and at what point in the game stats become final. NCAA Guide: http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/ForSIDs/Policies.pdf

NJCAA Application of Article XVIII Relative to Targeting in Football


Based upon the wording contained within the  2014 NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations, the NJCAA will treat an ejection for targeting as a sport rule violation and therefore a non-violent ejection as per Article XVIII of the NJCAA bylaws.  All reporting requirements and game suspensions will be enforced in compliance with that rule. Example:  Student-Athlete A is ejected for targeting during the first half of Game 1 of the 2014 football season.  Based upon the schedule in place at the time of the ejection, Student-Athlete A must leave the game and playing venue immediately (not be within sight or sound of the competition) and is also suspended (may not be within sight and sound of the competition) from Game 2 of the 2014 season.  If Game 2 is an away game, Student-athlete A may not travel with the team while serving his suspension.

For the second non-violent ejection of the sport season (for any reason), a two game suspension shall be served.  Each subsequent ejection will result in a doubling of the suspension previously served.

Penalties for failure to properly report an ejection can be found on page 194-195 of the 2014-2015 NJCAA Handbook and Casebook.

In the case of any penalty and subsequent ejection termed flagrant* by the game official (targeting or otherwise), the NJCAA will rule that violation a violent ejection and an immediate two game suspension must be enforced.  A second violent ejection of the season will result in that individual being prohibited from participating in that institutions athletic contests for the remainder of the academic year, including post-season play.

Scrimmages Listed on Official Schedule

Article V, Section 14.A.1 states,  “All scrimmages must be included and designated as such on the official schedule as published by the intercollegiate department”.  That being the requirement, what is considered the official schedule for an NJCAA member college?  Gone are the days where the official schedule was a foldable pocket-sized schedule that was usually incorrect before it was back from the printer.  The NJCAA considers a member college’s official schedule to be the schedule that exists on the college website as well as the schedule that is posted to the NJCAA/Presto website.